Start a Successful Online Business - Three Easy Steps

How do you start a successful online business?

My approach has always been 'work smarter, not harder.' So, when starting a successful online business, I have always actively sought out online business resources/tools that I could employ to do a lot of the work for me, or at least help me by giving me online tools that help me to direct my marketing efforts in the most effective way. The goal is always to useonline tools that help me increase the all important time spent = dollars ratio.

Start a Successful Online Business
Here are the three easy steps:

1. BUILD - If you want your online business to succeed you need to have a website that is not just designed to look nice. Your online business has to be more than window-dressing. You need to have the right tools in order to build a site that not only looks good, but also employs some of the most important tools for success. In order to obtain solid search engine ranking performance, your website must be optimized. This is the single most important source of leads for most successful online businesses. Site Sell has a service called Site Build It that not only takes the guesswork out of this process, but does most of the work for you. The link to this resource is below. There is no question that if you don't use these tools, you will waste a lot of time and money trying to do it yourself. The results you will get from using this resource are not only better than anything else out there, but, most importantly, they are lasting results.

SBI - Site Build It - This is by far the most complete site building, hosting and marketing resource on the web.

2. WRITE - Learn how to sell more? Write better. Write smarter. How to write to PREsell. Then write to SELL. SiteSell offers the only course on the Net that shows you how to do both. And it's free! The link to it is below. If you are serious about succeeding online, you would be remiss if you don't take the time to learn from this free resource.

Netwriting Masters Course - This is definitely one of the best free tools out there to learn how to write to sell.

3. NETWORK - Effectively market your business through targeted networking strategies. This is one step that you definitely can't skip if you are serious about succeeding with your online business. I cannot stress to you how important this is. Writing and designing a great looking website is great, but don't fall into the old trap that almost every failed online business falls into, the 'if you build it, they will come' strategy. Unfortunately, this is not the case, you have to attract people to your online business if you are to succeed. But, you don't have to work yourself into a frenzy over this. There's no need to push (i.e., chase cold calls/prospects) when you can motivate them to pull (i.e., they call you). Why try to "create interest" when you can find people who already have the interest. SiteSell has tools that help you network your business. The link to this resource is below.

Networking Marketers - The best resource for attracting people to your online business. Teaches you how not to force offline methods, online and gives you the tools you need to succeed.
Good luck starting your own successful online business...always remember the key is 'work smarter, not harder!'

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Rokusan said...

I saw one of your comments over on eHow and came over here to read what you have to say. Good stuff. I'm in the very beginning (just four months) and am learning more and more that this takes more effort than I'd imagined in the VERY beginning. But I'm enjoying it and learning more every day, including, now, from you! Thanks for sharing your insight.